Elderly Woman and Her Beloved Cat Go To Heaven On The Same Day

It’s a beautiful story that will inspire many to take a moment to stay a short prayer and perhaps wipe a tear from your eyes. Jill Layton writes a story about her grandmother and grandfather and their cat, Gabby. It was 13 years ago when her grandparents, already seniors, decided that it was time for them to adopt a cat and bring it home. Their local animal shelter thought it might be a bit easier on the elderly couple to bring some cats to their home to allow them to see for themselves which one they might want rather than making the couple come down to the busy shelter. Of the three cats they brought, it was only a two-year-old tabby by the name of Gabby that made herself right at home. She was clearly comfortable in the house and wanted to live there, whereas the other two cats were scared and not very friendly The cat was very close to both Jill Layton’s grandparents, and that was something they loved. When Jill’s grandfather passed away a few years later, the cat and her grandmother were inseparable. They would sleep together, cuddle together during the day and Jill’s grandmother would read to the cat because she would come sit in her lap to listen. Sadly, Gabby has not been well as of late. Her grandmother took the cat to the vet and it was decided that the most humane thing to do at this point in the cat’s life was to put her down. A tearful goodbye ensued, and the moment was difficult. A terrible day for Jill’s grandmother, she went home and went to bed. She never woke up again. She’s been reunited with her lost husband and her beloved cat, and her granddaughter does not believe it is coincidence these two passed on the same day. POSTED BY :HELLOBDNEWZ